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Saturday, March 05, 2005

What Debbie Means to Me

Debbie means Industrious Bee
And, as for me, I will have to agree
For I am her husband and this I see.

She flits and she flies, always running on high
From flower to flower, not a one of them gets by.

She leaves each flower with her personal touch
Each flower agrees...they all love her so much.

For each flower then blooms and opens so wide
To receive all she has and in her love they abide.

For she loves all the flowers that grow in her garden
Each one is different and yet never forgotten.

For the flowers, you see, are just you and just me,
Her friends, her neighbors, and other flowers in need.

No matter the cost or the sacrifice she makes
Because of her, each flower looks great.

The flowers all bloom and are as lovely as can be
For Debbie, you see, means Industrious Bee.


Written for me by my husband for Christmas 2004 and presented in a very lovely frame. The best Christmas present ever........



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