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Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Flowers of Texas

The flowers of Texas are special to me simply because God made them.

He scattered their beauty across the expanse of an otherwise seemingly wasteland

To prove to the scoffers that He is Creator of all of the flowers that be

Not just for our pleasure but also to show us that He exists in all that we see.

His presence is there in that vast expanse of wasteland and beauty so rare

And all that behold it could never deny the Creator is really out there.

Over mountain and plain and rocky plateaus it is not so hard to tell

That God is working His greatness to show to all those destined for hell.

He calls to them daily in sunrise and rain, through beautiful flowery sprays

That open and close at His beckoning and lift their petals in praise.

It is only mankind that doesn't see the marvelous works of God

In such a dry and desert place, He places the most fertile sod.


Blogger bloggerfreak said...

Love your poetry. I am from the UK and a garden designer in profession. yap... I love flowers too.

10:57 AM  

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