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Saturday, March 05, 2005


A man works from sun to sun
Or so the saying goes
But a woman's work is never done
Said someone once who knows
That men and women each share a part
Of keeping the family together.

But thinking about this day to day
My mind was filled with wondering
Of whether this was good or bad
So I went on pondering
The essence of men and women and
Why they need each other

The woman offers her essence fair
To her knight in shining armor,
The man offers his will to care
For the maiden and her honor.
Together they unite, thus the marriage institution
If children come, their presence completes
The family constitution.

The years then come, the years then go
The family passes on the faith, the love, the fervor
Of the loved ones they've once known
The generations after and all who've gone before
Remember love and laughter
And pass it on once more.

Genesis 3:18, 23 - 24


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