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Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Choice

Twixt heaven and hell I stood at the gate
Viewing the Savior, I decided to wait.
How could those nails determine my fate?
With outstretched hand, He uncovered the scars
That suffered for me there on that cross.
Still I decided to ignore the choice to be made,
Living my life like one big tirade of pleasure and vice.

Today I stood at the gate once again.
This time He said "I find no pleasure in him."
I asked, "Don't you know me?"
He replied, "I do not!"
"But Lord I was here once, saw the scars in your hands.
Your eyes full of mercy, you offered your plan."
"But child, you rejected that plan for your life."
"Now the only payment for your sin will be a great price."
"Where once I might have your Savior been,
You chose the devil, the deceiver of men.
Now there is no sacrifice for your sin."

At once I awakened, chilled by the fright
Of the terrible fate of my soul that night.
I bowed my head and cried, "Lord, I repent."
"My life, for you Lord, will be fully spent."


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