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Saturday, March 05, 2005


Freckled face. Red air. Green eyes. White skin. Female.
However, without the black pupils in my eyes I could never read the posts on "black" and"white".

Lovely black pupils. Big pupils that see clearly without glasses.

Christian pupils. Sees only two kinds of people in this world -- saved and lost. There are no other differences that count in terms of eternity.

Moral pupils. Discerns right from wrong based on the black covered Holy Bible.

FWB pupils. Sees things from an Armenian view.

Mother's pupils. Sees behind my head.

Wife's pupils. Reads betwen the lines.

Friend's pupils. Always sees the best. Sees when you have lost your song and sings it back to you.

Pianist's pupils. Sees the black dots on the lines and spaces. Makes beautiful music.

Nurse's pupils. Differentiates between pink, granulation In a wound bed and black eschar. Views patient's pupils for equality of size, reactive to light/accomodation - PERLA!

Reader's pupils. Sees the black letters form into words on the white page. Changes individual letters and words into communities of phrases, paragraphs, chapters, and volumes.

Black. surrounded by green and white. Lovely pupils that help me to see God's world clearly.

Black pupils. Without them everything would be black.


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