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Monday, March 14, 2005

A Baby Girl

A Baby Girl

A baby girl has come today
To touch your life in her own way
Her smile will brighten your darkest day
And her laughter will chase all your sorrow away.

Her tears will cause your heart to mourn
And her mischief will make you all forlorn
But when she climbs upon your knee
Your heart will melt and scorn will flee.

You'll teach her to follow your faith until
She comes of an age to voice her will
then you'll guide her in the path that's straight
And show her the way to the Pearly Gate.

If she is wise, this path she will follow
But if she is not, your soul will wallow
In deep and dreadful days of prayer
For the heart of a parent can't help but care.

There are choices that you must make
For a little girl's life is now at stake
It's your decision to lead the way
For a baby girl has come today.


In honor of the birth of
Grace Danielle

by Debra Motte (with John's help)


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